Who Are We?

Thank you for your interest in St. Agnes Academy. We are very proud of our school!

We anticipate that the most important reason for parents electing to send their child to St. Agnes is the opportunity to learn more about their faith and to have the moral and ethical values taught at home reinforced daily at school.

St. Agnes Academy is a co-educational Catholic elementary school, serving students from grades PreK-3 to 8th. Accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, the school is operated under the auspices of St. Agnes Parish and the Archdiocese of Miami.

The school has seen tremendous growth since its inception, and has a long tradition of providing quality Catholic education to the children of our parish. Today, St. Agnes Academy has a student body of approximately 500 children.

The faculty and staff at St. Agnes offer instructional approaches that foster and nurture the whole child, and help each child experience the true JOY of Christian discipleship.

St. Agnes employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.


In 1973 the Pastor of St. Agnes, Monsignor James Nelan, responded to the needs of the parish families by admitting a small group of seventh graders to what would become St. Agnes Academy. Miss Irene Maliga was the principal; classes were held that first year in the rear of the church.

The original school building, which currently houses PK3, was added for the 1974-75 academic year.

Miss Maliga presented diplomas to the first graduates in June, 1975.

St. Agnes Academy grew through the years from a few students in the back of the church to a fully accredited Junior High. In 1990, Monsignor William McKeever responded to the needs of our families by adding the lower school.

With the completion of a new building for the 1991-1992 academic year, St. Agnes Academy continued its growth and its tradition of providing a quality Catholic education to the children of our parish.

Under the leadership of Fr. José L. Hernando, we reached yet another important goal in 1996 as we began that year in a new building complete with a large library and computer lab, four new classrooms and administrative offices.

In 2002, the Academy entered yet another phase, with the opening of a new 15 classroom building, auditorium and dining hall.

Since 2014, with the arrival of our current Pastor, Fr. Juan Carlos Paguaga, the School has implemented the STREAM Lab and Spanish Immersion programs.