School News

The St. Ann's Mission food drive is our September schoolwide service project, and we need your help to fill the shelves! Last day collecting donations is Friday, September 30th.

As a school family, we had the Blessing of the School with a Eucharistic Procession and Benediction. What a gift to have Jesus walk through our school!

Students in PK-3 learned about Day 4 of Creation, when God created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

PK-4 students learned about the fall season and decorated fall leaves. In Music class, students enjoyed a lesson with Mr. T.

Kindergarten students enjoyed a Bear's Den activity with the eighth graders. Students also celebrated Gold Dress Down Day in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness.

During Bear's Den, first and eighth graders worked together to build a bear.

Second grade students enjoyed visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and reading their Bibles.

During Science class, fourth graders worked together on a fun experiment. Students also worked in small groups in Math Class.

Fifth graders participated in a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) lesson instructed by Officer Diaz. Through the DARE program, students increase their self-esteem and learn about the dangers of drug use.

Seventh graders presented their personal budget projects in Math class. They had to create a personal budget based on the salary of a career of their choosing, calculating the cost of essentials such as housing, car, and insurance, in addition to leisure and everyday expenses.

During Religion class, seventh graders learned about the Old Testament covenants while working together. They also did apologetics presentations and role-play examples of how to explain the mysteries of the Blessed Trinity and Incarnation.