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January 2019

Date Menu
7 Monday

Main:*Meatball sandwich *Hamburger or cheese Hamburger *Bacon Cheese Hamburger *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Assortment of fries *Tomatoes Ė Lettuce Mixed Salad.

8 Tuesday

Main:*Chicken nuggets Tempura *Steak Teriyaki *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Jasime Rice Lo Mein Noodles *Steamed Broccoli.

9 Wednesday

Main:*Burritos w/Beef, Cheese, Ref.Beans *Hard or Soft Tacos *Sandwich option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Brown Rice *Black Beans *Maduros.

10 Thursday

Main:*Home made panko chicken finger *Ham croquettes *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Garlic Mash Potatoes *Fresh Green Beans.

11 Friday

*Cheese Pizza *Pepperoni Pizza *Margherita Pizza *Veggies Pizza *Ham Pizza *Tuna Wrap*Tuna Salad *Grill Cheese.

14 Monday

Main:*Hamburger or cheese Hamburger *Bacon Cheese Hamburger *Chicken Vaca Frita *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Brown Rice Sweet Potato Tater tots *Black beans *Maduros.

15 Tuesday

Main:*Pasta Bolognese *Spaghetti & Meatballs *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: **Caesar salad *Vegetable Timbale.

16 Wednesday

Main:*Smoked Pork chunks *Panko chicken sandwich *Chicken & Cheese Sandwich *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Assortment of fries *Sauteed Garlic Spinach.

17 Thursday

Main:*Rotisserie Chicken wings *BBQ Chicken wings *Buffalo chicken wings *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Pasta Shell w/cheese *Carrots.

18 Friday

*Cheese Pizza *Pepperoni Pizza *Margherita Pizza *Veggies Pizza *Ham Pizza *Tuna Wrap*Tuna Salad *Grill Cheese.

21 Monday


22 Tuesday

Main:*Turkey Meatball *Chicken Francaise *Chicken nuggets tempura *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Pasta capellini *Roasted Mixed Vegetables.

23 Wednesday

Main:*Hard or Soft Tacos *Steak & Cheese Quesadilla *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side:*Glazed Carrots *Brown Rice *Black beans.

24 Thursday

Main: *Rotisserie Chicken *All beef Hot dogs *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Mash potatoes/Sweet Mash *Broccoli with Cheese.

25 Friday

*Cheese Pizza *Pepperoni Pizza *Margherita Pizza *Veggies Pizza *Ham Pizza *Tuna Wrap *Tuna Salad *Grill Cheese.

28 Monday

Main: *Grill Chicken Sandwich *Hamburger/Cheeseburgers *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Ratatouille Vegetables *Sweet Potato French Fries.

29 Tuesday

Main: *Chicken Parmesan *Eggplant Parmesan Chicken Nuggets Tempura *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Capellini w/marinara sauce *Caesar salad *Mixed Vegetables.

30 Wednesday

Main: *Meat Lasagna Baked Ziti *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Oven Roasted Eggplant & Zucchini *House salad Garlic Bread.

31 Thursday

Main: *Popcorn Chicken *Home Panko chicken Fingers *Sandwich Option *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Sweet Mash potatoes *Corn *Garlic Bread stick.

  • Daily Salad Bar.
  • Menu subject to change.