School News

Last week, students in PK-3 learned all about the color blue and the square shape. In Religion class, students created their own mini altars and placed them around the classroom.

PK-4 students learned about numbers, by sorting pegs according to the corresponding numbers. Students also celebrated the Virgin Mary's birthday on September 8th.

In Science class, second grade students worked on a lava lamp project.

Sixth and seventh grade Religion students worked on an “Enthronement of Sacred Scripture Project.” The students and their families prayed with Scripture, and said a special prayer written by Mother Adela Galindo, SCTJM Foundress. They then placed the Bible in a special place in their home, along with a candle honoring the presence of the Word of God. In order to share in this beautiful time of prayer, please click for more information in English or Spanish.

In Religion class, eighth graders are studying about the Early Church, including the age of the martyrs. Students were asked to write a letter to their family and friends, addressing what their thoughts and feelings would be, if they knew that in 24 hours they would be martyred for the faith.