Latest News

School Mass

Last week, we held a special school Mass in honor of all new families.

Beginning of 2017-18 School Year

The beginning of this school year has been amazing! Teachers and students are happy to be back, and looking forward to many new learning experiences.

Spanish Immersion Program

St. Agnes has launched the new Spanish Immersion Program for the 2017-18 school year! This program is based on the TWIN-CS (Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools), which is an initiative of the Roche Center for Catholic Education at Boston College. We have begun implementation in Kindergarten through 3rd grades, providing students with Spanish instruction in Spanish Language Arts and Science, for 45 minutes per day, four times per week. Through this excellent program, we are happy to be preparing the next generation of bi-cultural and bilingual learners!

PK-3 and PK-4 Starts School

Students in PK-3 and PK-4 started school on Monday, August 28th. They had a wonderful first week!

4th Grade is Ready

The fourth grade class is ready for a great school year. Godís force is strong with them!

5th and 6th Grade Science

Fifth and sixth grade Science students worked together to accomplish a challenge.

7th Grade Social Studies

In Social Studies class, seventh graders explored media and text to compare the views of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes on the role of government.

Lunch Menu of the Week

Monday September 4th

Labor Day.

Tuesday September 5th

*Pasta w/Meatball, *Pasta w/Marinara Sauce, *SandwichOption, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Caesar Salad , *Vegetables.

Wednesday September 6th

*Turkey Ground Beef, *Panko Crusted Chicken Finger, *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Mac-Cheese, *Vegetables.

Thursday September 7th

* *Hard or Soft Tacos, *Cuban Picadillo, *Sandwich Option, *Grill Cheese sandwich.
Substitution: *Brown Rice, *Black Beans, *Maduros.

Friday September 8th

*Cheese Pizza, *Pepperoni Pizza, *Margherita Pizza, *Veggies Pizza, *Ham Pizza, *Sausage Pizza, *Tuna Wrap, *Tuna Salad, *Grill Cheese.