School News

At the Ash Wednesday school Mass, students brought their Mass Books with them.

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PK-3 students have been learning all about our solar system, and celebrated the end of this unit with Space Day. Students have also been identifying and making shapes with popsicle sticks.

Students in PK-4 have been studying a unit on the circus, and recently celebrated Circus Day. The children came dressed as their favorite circus performers and participated in a variety of activities.

Kindergarten students have been learning about shapes and patterns. They combined both and used a variety of shapes to create their own patterns.

First graders are reviewing the "oo" sound in Language Arts class.

In Social Studies class, second graders learned all about economics and selling goods and services. Each student made something in school to sell during Market Day.

Fourth grade students are using their customary units of measurement skills to design their own football fields in Math class.

During U.S. History class, fifth grade students worked on their Colonial America Project Based Learning. Students have to imagine that it is 1700 and they have been hired by one of the colonies to attract immigrants and inform others about their newly created settlement. They will need to use technology to persuade the audience.

In Spanish class, first graders read the book "La oruga muy hambrienta." Students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and sequencing.

Students have been building St. Peter's Basilica in Art class.

In order to raise awareness about Down Syndrome, students wore their "crazy socks" to school on World Down Syndrome Day.

We still need $76,906 to achieve our goal for the ABCD 2019 campaign. So far, only 294 families have made their contributions this year. We urge you to please make your pledge today and help us achieve our goal! We want to also thank all those who have already committed, we could not do this without you!

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