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School Mass

The St. Agnes Feast Day Mass will be held on Sunday, January 21st at 11:30 a.m. Please join us for this special celebration! Click on the link for more information.

Applications for 2018-19 School Year

Applications for the 2018-19 school year are available for NEW APPLICANTS click here, from December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018. Tours of the school are available by appointment. If you would like to sign up for a tour, please call us at 305-361-3245 ext. 203.

Golf Tournament

St. Agnes invites you to join us for an amazing day of golf, food and awards to benefit our school! The tournament will be held on Friday, January 26th, at Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne. Please click here for registration information, or log into PlusPortals.

ABCD Drive

The ABCD (Archbishop’s Charity and Development Drive) is approaching. This yearly drive allows the Archdiocese to provide a variety of programs and services to our church and community members. The funds raised through the ABCD go directly to support the formation of seminarians, clergy, religious and laity. In addition, various spiritual ministries are sustained through the generosity of those who support the ABCD, such as food pantries, elderly care, scholarships for students attending Catholic institutions, Catholic Charities, etc.

As members of the Archdiocese of Miami, it is our responsibility and duty to support these efforts in any way we can - no amount is too small. When we come together and contribute as a whole, we can make a significant impact on the lives of many. We encourage each family to make a pledge, by returning the ABCD pledge envelope with their child, or by visiting the Church website click here . Thank you for your generosity!

PK-3 Epiphany Celebration

The students in PK-3 celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany last week. They also listened to a story about Los Tres Reyes Magos, and made a craft project on The Three Kings.

PK-4 Activities

PK-4 students have been busy practicing their writing skills. They are also learning about the seasons in English and in Spanish!

Kindergarten Learns About St. Agnes

Last week, the Kindergarten class learned about the life of our Patroness, St. Agnes. The children then wrote sentences about what they learned.

1st Grade Science and Math

For Science class, first graders searched for living and non-living things. Meanwhile, in Math, they practiced their addition skills using dice.

4th Grade Focuses on the Life of St. Agnes

Since our Patroness’ Feast Day is quickly approaching, students in fourth grade have been discussing her life and why she carries a lamb.

5th Grade Learning

Fifth grade math students played a game rolling dice, practicing multiplication and division with powers of ten. In Social Studies class, fifth graders created Anchor Charts based on the Age of Exploration, and compared the voyages of various explorers.

8th Grade Field Trip

Last week, the eighth grade class went on a field trip to the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). It was a wonderful and educational field trip!

Honor Roll List

In the second quarter, the following students made the Honor Roll. Congratulations!

4th Grade – Ms. Benach

Principal’s Honors

  • Jackson Crowley, Sofia De Prat-Gay

First Honors

  • Luciana Barreiro, Camilla De Iraola, Valentina Parra,
    Luciano Pinilla, Olivia Rodriguez-Bracco,
    Santiago Rojas, Manuel Santos,
    Maria Mercedes Stanham.

Second Honors

  • Luciana Braun, Jacinta Heuser, Regina Ordorica, Joaquin Pellegrini, Richard Reiss, Emilia Saralegui.

4th Grade – Mrs. Mendia

Principal’s Honors

  • Luisa Coscarelli, Ella Crowley, Alejandro Frias, Sophie Garcia.

First Honors

  • Danilo Lacayo.

Second Honors

  • Sofia Camacho, Jeronimo Camara, Matthias Cattaneo, Antonia Chamorro, Andrea Echeverria, Alonso Enciso, Jorge Gonzalez-Tello, Nicholas McCarthy, Lucas Partidas, Julieta Ruiz, Ana Sophia Salcedo, Beltran San Miguel, Mia Tavares.

4th Grade – Mrs. Sotolongo

Principal’s Honors

  • Alexandra Morris.

First Honors

  • Aitana Bailon, Sofia Cortes, Matias Costantini, Veronica Londono, Carlos Luchsinger, Juan Montaner, Isabella Paz, Valeria Stecchi, Guilia Troia.

Second Honors

  • Nicolette Cocheo-Filetti, Andres Delgado, Gabrielle Mendoza, Sebastian Ortiz, Francisco Pages.

5th Grade – Ms. Hernandez

Principal’s Honors

  • Isabella Golod, Santiago Perez-Loperena.

First Honors

  • Sophie Cini, Ignacio Del Hierro, Elisa Erana, Daniel Llorens, Maria Ruiz Verjano.

Second Honors

  • Claudia Alonso, John Alwine, Marianne Arana, Arturo Castelo, Angela Lourdes Christie, Javiera Escobar, Diego Gonzalez, Cristina Ortega, Bruno Pagura, Andre Toussaint, Sebastian Valdivieso, Theo Waterhouse.

5th Grade – Mrs. Vazquez

Principal’s Honors

  • Grace Aldrich, Blanca Ruiz Verjano.

First Honors

  • Sofia Aleman, Eduard Faus, Valentina Fernandez, Natalie Islami, Olivia Jimenez, Paulina Montoya, Mateo Pereyra.

Second Honors

  • Gustavo Alonso, Lucia Canedo, Santiago Cavalieri, Ines De Lapuerta, Nicholas Gonzalez, Juan Licata, Lucia Milan, Eduardo Poleo, Paulina Saade.

6th Grade – Mrs. Rodriguez

Principal’s Honors

  • Nicole Beteta, Xaviera Compean, Nika Costantini, Valentina Gonzalez, Juana Santos, Guadalupe Solorzano, Dominique Valls.

First Honors

  • Daniela Aguila, Lucia Lundeberg.

Second Honors

  • Stefano D'Agostini, Armand Du Lau D'Allemans, Juliana Echeverri, Tula Hidalgo, Dimas Mackinlay, Gabriella Rodriguez-Barragan, Jaime Rossell.

6th Grade – Mrs. Bellucci

Principal’s Honors

  • Maria Paz Escallon, Daniela Perez-Loperena, Ines Saudino.

First Honors

  • Andrea Garza, Andrea Montaner, Leticia Rossell.

Second Honors

  • Monique Alberty, Maria Eduarda Arena, Gabriel Ballestas, Alexandra Calzadilla, Lorenzo D'Agostini, Alvaro Diaz, Kaylin Downs, Valeria Macinerias, Delfina Pellegrini, Paloma Pinilla, Lucas Tavares, Noe Trap.

7th Grade – Mrs. Montero

First Honors

  • Julian Alvarez, Victor Camara, Roberta Canedo, Pauline Stanham.

Second Honors

  • Gabriella Garcia, Franco Garcia-Morillo, Maya Gonzalez, Luis Fernando Percovich, Alec Ramoski, David Rodriguez, Franco Schena, Tomas Valdivieso, Maria Zaragoza.

7th Grade – Ms. Finkelston

First Honors

  • Andrea Licata, Sebastian Montoya, Nicolas Nadal, Matthew Ortiz, Lucas Ruiz.

Second Honors

  • Arianne Brechot, Annia Casanova, Simon Cavalieri, Camilla Cini, Nikolas Dimitrakis, Camila Hidalgo, Maria Jimenez, Gavin Kuppers, Nicolas Perez-Salah, Paulina Perez Villalba.

8th Grade – Mr. Bustamante

Principal’s Honors

  • Elizabeth Alwine, Maria Fernanda Arana, Santiago Elizondo, Sofia Erana, Pedro Fuentes, Natalia Garza, Natalia Gaviria, Ella Kuppers, Victoria Trap.

First Honors

  • Isabella Andrade, Natalia Ballestas, Isabella Carballo, Alexandra Faus, Beltran Godward, Juan Pablo Isla, Martin Lisazo, Maite Ordorica, Alejandro Pereyra, Natalia Rossell, Alesia Ulivi.

Second Honors

  • Gabriel Arana, Delfina De Prat Gay, Diego Enciso, Nicolas Garcia-Castrillon, Alberto Goicolea-Del Rio, Sergio Guardazzi, Eric Islami, Helena Marquina, Alexander Meurs, Catalina Tarafa, Anna Maria Vierci Vitti.

Blanket Drive

As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, we would like to help provide comfort and LOVE to children receiving treatment at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital through our annual Blanket Drive. Click here for more information.

Spanish Immersion

As promised, here are the results of the third graders’ Science experiment in Spanish class. The drink that stains teeth the most is: Coke! The class also observed that Coke weakened the eggshell.

Art Class

In Art class, first grade students learned about the artistic style of Wassily Kandinsky, including non-objective art and geometric shapes.

Toner and Printer Cartridge Recycling

St. Agnes is partnering with FundingFactory, the leading fundraising-through-recycling company in the continental United States. FundingFactory is simple: there's nothing to sell, no paperwork to fill out, and no deadline. The program runs year-round, accumulating constant income for our efforts, but we won’t get very far without your support. Here’s how you can help: Drop off empty name-brand toner and inkjet printer cartridges to our Main Office and we’ll take it from there! Recycle with us for a clean earth, for a brighter future!

Lunch Menu of the Week

Monday January 15th

No School

Tuesday January 16th

Main: *Pasta Bolognese *Spaghetti & Meatballs, *Sandwich Option: *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: **Caesar salad *Vegetable Timbale.

Wednesday January 17th

Main: *Hard or Soft Tacos *Steak& Cheese Quesadilla, *Sandwich Option: *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Glazed Carrots *Brown Rice *Black beans.

Thursday January 18th

Main: *Rotisserie Chicken *All beef Hot dogs, *Sandwich Option: *Grill Cheese sandwich.

Side: *Mash potatoes/Sweet Mash *Broccoli with Cheese.

Friday January 19th

*Cheese Pizza *Pepperoni Pizza *Margherita Pizza *Veggies Pizza *Ham Pizza *Tuna Wrap *Tuna Salad *Grill Cheese.