The St Agnes Rosary Altar Society

Is a Great group of active women in our St Agnes Parish, praying, working and sharing with members of our church as well as our community.

The St Agnes Rosary Altar Society support many activities and charitable functions in our parish and community, here is the list a few thing our Society does:
  • We promote devotion of the Rosary
  • We have a Rosary praying every day at 8:30 am
  • We recite the Rosary at wake upon request in the Chapel.
  • We Sent out mass cards, get well & sympathy cards along with our religion event and information
  • We purchase as a gift Rosary beads & Scapular
  • Donate money to the Mission Catholic in our Church
  • We decorate the Altar and Church with Flowers, candles and Pray the whole year
  • We decorate the Altar and Church to the big Catholic Celebration like Christmas and Easters time, as well as any event in the year.

We invite all women of Saint Agnes to join the Altar and Rosary Society to receive the spiritual and social benefits offered to its members. To grow spiritually we attend Mass at 8:00 am and pray the rosary as a group at 8:30 am everyday. We list all the prayers of the parishioners, In addition we also offered Mass for current members and for anyone that needs it.

We meet on every first Friday, to attend the 8:00 am Mass and continue by praying the rosary in the Chapel, then serve refreshments and hold our monthly meeting in the Parish Hall.

If you would like more information about St Agnes Rosary Altar Society

please contact our Membership Chair:

Susana Gamarra
305 733 1775
The St Agnes Rosary Altar Society is the oldest group in our Church working for almost more the 30 years in our community for God, to God and In God to the Bless of the whole world.

God Bless you.

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