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Dear Friends,


From "The Little Burgundy Book on Stewardship".

'The biggest mistake people make is that they think stewardship is a finance program. It's not. It's a spirituality program. You don't need to stress money. You need to get people to come to church.' –Msgr. Thomas McGread, often called "The Father of Stewardship." The call to stewardship in his 2008 Lenten message on almsgiving, Pope Benedict XVI spoke several times of the Gospel call to stewardship:

  • "We are not owners but rather administrators of the goods we possess: these, then, are not to be considered as our exclusive possession, but means through which the Lord calls each one of us to act as a steward of his providence for our neighbor."
  • "In those countries whose population is majority Christian, the call to share is even more urgent, since their responsibility toward the many who suffer poverty and abandonment is even greater. To come to their aid is a duty of justice even prior to being an act of charity."

Where should I begin, Jesus, to unclutter my life? I have yielded to temptation and filled my days with more commitments than I can comfortably manage. Help me to make myself a little less busy. Free my time. I have crowded my space with too much baggage: With gadgets and conveniences and possessions. Help me to let go of whatever I cling to. Free my hands. I have filled my head with trivial distractions: News and weather, gossip and prejudices. Help me to focus on more important concerns.

Free my mind. Jesus, my life is cluttered with more idols than I realized. I have given them a reverence they do not deserve. Teach me to renounce their claim on me, and end my divided allegiance. Guide me to a simpler life and more generous service. Amen.

Bishop Kenneth E. Untener (1937-2004).

Sincerely, the priests of your Parish,

Fr Juan Carlos Paguaga, Pastor & Rev. Julio Solano, Parrochial Vicar