School News

The St. Agnes community JOYfully participates in the weekly school Mass!

St. Agnes invites you to join us for an amazing day of golf, food and awards to benefit our school! The tournament will be held on Friday, October 19th, at Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne. Please click here for registration information.

Students in PK-3 worked on their fine motor development. They also had a Bear Picnic for letter Bb, with their bears as they enjoyed bananas, berries, brownies, and bear cookies.

PK-4 students are learning all about the letter Oo. They have also been learning how to sort by color, by sorting fish snacks.

Students in Kindergarten enjoy their playground time. They love going outside and playing with their friends!

A first grader brought his pet bearded dragon to class for show and tell. He taught the class about this amazing animal.

In Art class, second graders have been working on self-portraits.

Third graders helped their PK-4 reading buddies complete the first page of their stewardship journals.

Students in fourth grade are enjoying their Math Centers. Meanwhile, in Science class, students took part in the EarthEcho Water Challenge, in which they had to imagine they were water scientists working to promote a sustainable environment.

Eighth graders showed their creative interpretation of this year’s theme of “Building Bridges.”

In Spanish class, Kindergarten students are using dot art and play dough to work with the letter Pp.

In preparation for the high school application season, the eighth-grade girls visited Our Lady of Lourdes Academy.