St. Agnes held a special Veteran’s Day Mass to honor veterans from all five branches of the armed services. A procession of honored guests attended, including members of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion. This moving service was marked by patriotic songs, and a great sense of gratitude and respect for our nation’s veterans.

As the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is a holy day of obligation, please note the following: from Friday, December 7th, to Sunday, December 9th, we are obligated to attend two separate Masses for two distinct obligations. We are obligated to attend one Mass, in order to fulfill our obligation for the Holy Day (The Immaculate Conception), as well as another Mass, in order to fulfill our Sunday obligation (The Second Sunday of Advent). Since these two obligations are distinct, they must be fulfilled by attending two separate Masses. One cannot fulfill both obligations, at once, by only attending one Mass. It is not a “two-for-one”. One may attend Mass on Friday, December 7th (at 4 p.m. or after) or Saturday, December 8th (before 4 p.m.): The Immaculate Conception. One may attend Mass on Saturday, December 8th (at 4 p.m. or after) or Sunday, December 9th (all day): The Second Sunday of Advent.

St. Agnes is working on its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, also known as the “Miracle on Harbor Drive.” Each student is asked to bring at least one grocery bag full of Thanksgiving food items to donate to needy families at the Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA).

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In honor of Veteran’s Day, the students in PK-3 made a special presentation for the entire school.

PK-4 students are working on a Project Based Learning experience, and created this entire Community project.

In Math class, Kindergarten students have been learning how to add. They have also been making number lines with the numbers 10 to 20.

Second graders received an IXL Math Award for answering 10,000 math questions in the first quarter.

Students in fourth grade have started using a new class set of iPads in their classrooms. In addition, on the “no uniform day” for Veteran’s Day, fourth graders celebrated their monthly birthdays in class.

A group of fifth graders participated in the ISSF Spelling Bee, hosted at the Coral Gables Woman’s Club. St. Agnes was one of 21 schools that participated.

The sixth-grade students remembered the “Ten Commandment Boogie” song, as they designed their posters on the Ten Commandments.

In Spanish class, seventh and eighth graders prepared for their High School Dual Enrollment exam. The seventh graders practiced speaking using inner/outer circles. The eighth graders walked around the room, writing the time using words.

In closing the Month of the Rosary (October), the St. Agnes community participated in a Living Rosary. Students from second through eighth grades, as well as parents and teachers, took part in this special Rosary.

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, the school had a “no uniform day” on November 2nd. Students who participated dressed in red, white and blue and brought in $3, which was donated to the Miami Veteran’s Hospital.

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